Crude Oil Production

The Never Delay and Spanish Lookout Oilfields are the only commercial oilfields discovered so far in Belize. Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) discovered both oilfields and is the company currently producing them. The oilfields are located in central western Belize in the Cayo District, shown in yellow in the map below.

The Spanish Lookout Oilfield is located in the Spanish Lookout Mennonite farming community.  At its peak the Spanish Lookout Oilfield was producing an average of 5,000 barrels of oil per day and now is in decline. The Spanish Lookout crude oil is a medium sulphur 40° API gravity light crude oil.

The Never Delay Oilfield is located in the Never Delay area just outside of Belmopan. The Never Delay Oilfield was previously producing as much as 500 barrels of oil per day but this has decreased dramatically due to the tight reservoir properties of the rocks. The Never Delay crude oil is a sour 38° API gravity light crude oil.

Production is done at each field and the Never Delay crude oil is trucked to the BNE Spanish Lookout central production facility were it is mixed with the Spanish Lookout crude oil. The crude oils are trucked to the BNE international export facility at the Big Creek Port and offloaded to shore tanks for storage for sale.

Production is measured by BNE personnel and certified by the Petroleum Technicians of the Geology and Petroleum Department who supervise and monitor production, transportation and sales operations at each field and the international export facility. A daily production report is produced for each field by BNE and is submitted to the Department. Crude oil transportation and sales reports are also produced by BNE and submitted to the Department.

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